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Ordering XXCLONE                              

  • New Customers for the first XXCLONE license

    The License fee of XXCLONE-Home or XXCLONE-Pro is tied to the number of computers that you intend to install XXCLONE.  All new licenses come with at least one year of update/support subscription.  Optionally, you may order an extended subscription beyond the basic 1 year period up front.  Therefore, the license fee is determined by the number of computers (Host Count) and the length of subscription.

    XXCLONE-Pro provides all advanced features including folder-to-folder cloning and network support, whereas XXCLONE-Home is an affordably priced version which is designed for home/personal users with the basic functionality.

    XXCLONE-Home Personal License terms forbids the use of the product on a computer that is used for business of any size. Corporate users (and any organizational users including governments and non-profit organizations) must purchase XXCLONE-Pro.

    A license is good in perpetuity as long as the Windows version remains the same as when it was purchased.  However, when you update your Windows' Service Pack (SP) beyond the SP number that was available at the time of the XXCLONE release, you need a newer version of XXCLONE that supports the particular SP.

        XXCLONE-Home Pricing              XXCLONE-Pro Pricing        

    License   Host   XXCLONE-Home     License   Host   XXCLONE-Pro   
    Package   Count  License Fee      Package   Count  License Fee   
  -------------------------------   -------------------------------  
   HMLIC-001    1      $40.00        PRLIC-001    1      $60.00      
   HMLIC-002    2      $60.00        PRLIC-002    2     $100.00      
   HMLIC-003    3      $75.00        PRLIC-005    5     $200.00      
   HMLIC-004    4      $90.00        PRLIC-010   10     $360.00      
   HMLIC-005    5     $100.00        PRLIC-020   20     $600.00      
     ...       ...     ...             ...       ...     ...         
  -------------------------------   -------------------------------  

   (a one-year update/support subscription included in the prices)

  • Customers who already own a XXCLONE license

    • To renew the update subscription:

    • To increase the host count of the current license:

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