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Installing the XXCLONE Package


  1. The Freeware version of XXCLONE is available at XXCLONE's home page or from a number of third-party web sites in the ZIP format. Since no other communication to the publisher (Pixelab) will be made in the course of downloading, you are on your own.  No Email with installation help will be sent to you.

    Unlike the Freeware version, the XXCLONE Pro packages (both for the Test Drive version and a paid-for licensed version) are prepared individually built-to-order.  This practice is aimed to simplify the installation and maintenance of XXCLONE at the customer site, especially with multiple installations.

  2. When the ZIP file is unzipped, you will find just one file, the XXCLONE Installer Program which is typically named like xclninst_1010.exe (the four digits encode the version number).  It is advised that you keep the installer program at safe place because this program is always needed for the first-time installation and subsequent re-installation.  Future updates are also sent in the form of XXCLONE Installer that contains everything needed for new and repeated installations.

  3. Here's a few facts that may be unique to XXCLONE:
    • The XXCLONE.EXE program file should be kept in the Windows system directory: %SystemRoot%\system32\, (typically at \Windows\System32\).  The design of XXCLONE requires that the program file be kept at the system directory rather than the more common \Program Files\XXCLONE\ directory (XXCLONE stores only its shortcut icon there).  This design allows for XXCLONE's automated invocation after a clone operation without relying upon the contents in the system registry.

    • The XXCLONE.EXE program file is always generated by the XXCLONE Installer program for the host computer.  Therefore, the first-generation XXCLONE.EXE file is NOT portable from one computer to another (with exception of XXCLONE-Pro with pre-activated package for multiple installations). You should use the installer program to create the XXCLONE.EXE file on each computer.

    • The status of your XXCLONE license is available in the About dialog box by clicking the About button in the running XXCLONE program.

  4. XXCLONE-Pro has the following characteristics:
    • XXCLONE-Pro is sold in the form of a site license with an explicit limit on the number of installations (the Host Count).  The license fee is based upon the Host Count and the unit price decreases as the quantity goes up.

    • When you install XXCLONE-Pro for the first time on a computer that has never been installed with XXCLONE-Pro, the installation procedure includes a Product Activation.

      The XXCLONE web server maintains a database of user licenses with the history of installations (Product Activation).  When an update version is issued to a licensed user, the download file is custom-built using the most recent activation record in the database that eliminates the need for repeated Product Activations.

    • A registered user can visit the XXCLONE web page: and log in with password to review the activation log of the license.