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Product Activation for XXCLONE-Pro

  1. The Product Activation procedure does not apply to the Freeware version nor the Test Drive version (please skip this page).

    The XXCLONE-Pro executable file is custom-built for each host computer via a procedure called Product Activation.  It is somewhat analogous to Microsoft's license validation method for Windows XP, except XXCLONE's method is much simpler (and transparent).

    When the XXCLONE Installer program generates the executable file (XXCLONE.EXE), the name of the computer (known as NetBIOS ID) and a unique 10-digit Activation Key will be stamped on the file.  Acting as a wizard, the Installer program will assist the user in acquiring the Activation Key through a six-step dialog.

    All you need to do is to click a button to visit Pixelab's Product Activation web page with your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) and perform two-way copy-and-paste operations between a box in the Installer page and another box in the browser page.


  2. Click the button next to Label (2) and the XXCLONE Product Activation page will appear in a browser window.  You should view the browser window side-by-side with the Installer window rather than maximizing the browser window size.


  3. While viewing both the Installer wizard page and the browser page, perform a copy-and-paste operation of the contents of the License Data box (1) in the Install Wizard page to the corresponding box in the browser window (3).


  4. Click the Request Activation Key button in the browser window, and an Activation Key will appear in the Activation Key box (4) within a few seconds.


  5. Go to the next page in the Installer wizard, and perform a copy-and-paste operation of the Activation Key from the browser window (4) to the Installer wizard (5).


  6. Once the Activation Key is copied into the Installer's box (5) and the Next button clicked, the Installer wizard's actions will be straightforward.  It creates directories and files in the right places.


  7. By default, a shortcut icon for the XXCLONE program will be added to the Desktop.

    xxclone icon

More about Product Activation
  • The Activation Key is computed by Pixelab's web server using a combination of Serial Number, License Code and the computer name in accordance with a special hash algorithm.  For every combination of the three items, there exists a unique Activation Key. The Pixelab web server maintains a database of user licenses with history of Product Activation.  Renaming the computer requires a Product Activation with the new name.
  • When the XXCLONE Installer program finds it necessary to perform a Product Activation procedure, it automatically inserts a six-step procedure to help you transfer the values between itself (the Installer Wizard) and Pixelab's Product Activation page (the Web browser display).
  • In order to minimize the user inconvenience associated with the Product Activation procedure, Pixelab's web server builds the Installer module by incorporating the particular customer's previous installation history (with the computer names and the activation keys).  When you download an update version of XXCLONE-Pro, the Installer program will arrive pre-activated that precludes the Product Activation procedure.  This feature will be most convenient for a user with a multiple-host license.  One download for an update will generate a "portable" XXCLONE.EXE program that is ready to run on any of the computers previously installed under the same license.
  • The data transfer between your computer and the Pixelab's server is performed strictly by your manual copy-and-paste operations without hidden communications.  Although it may look primitive, this design ensures that the Product Activation procedure does not infringe the user privacy beyond the minimal level of license-related data exchange.
  • Corporate customers with a relatively large number of host count may request a special version of XXCLONE-Pro download module with pre-activated Installer program (a list of the computer names is needed).