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Command Line Syntax

This page covers the syntax of the XXCLONE command arguments.  If you are not familiar with the concept of controlling a program through the command line, we suggest you skip this page.  The command line arguments provide mechanisms to preset certain settings to reflect your preferences when the program is launched, or, even fully automate XXCLONE's operations.

XXCLONE can be invoked with command line arguments with the following syntax.

    XXCLONE  source   target   [ switches ... ]
    where  source   Source volume  (e.g., C:)
           target   Target volume  (e.g., D:)
              E.g.,  XXCLONE  C:  D:
              Note:  In both the source and the target specifiers,
                     you may append an optional label to the drive-
                     letter immediately following the colon which will
                     assert the correct match of the volume label.
              E.g.,  XXCLONE  C:mywinxp  D:mybackup
                     In this example, if the source (C:) volume's label
                     and the target (D:) volume's label are not mywinxp
                     and mybackup respectively, then, XXCLONE will issue
                     a warning dialog.    The label is case-insensitive.
                     A label with a embedded space needs to be surrounded
                     by a pair of double-quotes(e.g., D:"My Backup").
                     When the /start switch is present and the label does
                     not match, the program will terminate immediately.
       You may add one or more of command switches as needed.
    -- The following switches correspond the selections in Operation Mode --
           /backup1   Backup Option #1  (Full Backup)
           /backup2   Backup Option #2  (Incremental Backup)
           /backup3   Backup Option #3  (Windows key directories Only)
           /backup0   Registry Transfer (Without Backup)
               Note:  If none of the above is specified, /backup2 will
                      be chosen by default.
    -- The following switches are for Advanced Settings functions --
           /wp        Configures the Target with the alternatative wallpaper.
           /hyper     Uses HyperSync algorithm in incremental backup.
           /walkout   Shuts down the computer after completion.
           /log[:val] Creates a log file      (D:\XXCLONE.LOG)
                       val specifies the types of entries in the log.
                          val    Error   Skip   Delete   Copy
                           0      no      no      no      no
                           1      yes     no      no      yes
                           2      yes     no      yes     no
                           3      yes     no      yes     yes
                           4      yes     yes     no      no
                           5      yes     yes     no      yes
                           6      yes     yes     yes     no
                           7      yes     yes     yes     yes
                           8      yes     no      no      no
                        /log will be interpreted as /log:8.
           /debug     Creates a debug file      (C:\XXCLONE.DBG)
           /ni:val    Inserts idle cycles (CPU throttle).
                        0: full speed  ..  10: slowest
    -- The following switches are useful in a batch file --
           /start     Starts automatically without pause.
           /sys0      Suppresses the warning message that will
                      appear when cloning a non-system volume.
           /hide0     Displays in normal mode (default)
           /hide1     Displays in minimized mode.
           /hide2     Hides XXCLONE's window
    -- Special functions (no volume clone operations) --
           /help      Displays a summary of command switches.
           /uninst    Uninstalls XXCLONE from the current system.
           /diag      Creates diagnostic file (C:\XXCLONE.DAT).
                      Note: when this switch is specified,
                            no clone operations will take place.
    Command line Example:
       xxclone.exe  c:  d:  /backup2 /wp /hyper /start 
       You may create a shortcut on your Desktop with a command
       line similar to the example above.    You may click the icon
       which automatically starts the action without another click.
       Moreover, you may drag-and-drop the icon into the StartUp
       directory, or into the Scheduled-Tasks (inside Control Panel)
       for further automation.
       The following switches are supported only with XXCLONE-Pro
       (not with the Freeware version).
         /backup2, /backup3, /backup0, /start, /hyper