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Alternative Wallpaper

You may enable the Alternative Wallpaper setting at the checkbox in the Advanced Settings tab in the main window.


Alternatively, you may enable the option with the following command line argument:


  • The ultimate purpose of XXCLONE is to create a Target Volume that resembles the Source Volume as closely as possible.  However, when you boot your system using the newly cloned Target Volume for occasional testing purposes, a Target Volume that is indistinguishable to the original creates some problem.

    It has been many user's experience that you sometimes forget that you are operating in the Target Volume for testing purposes because of the identical look-and-feel in the Target Volume.

    For example, when you access your Emails inside the Windows environment booted from the Target Volume and download the incoming Emails from your mail server, the Email data in your main volume will not be automatically updated.  After a reboot using the main volume, you may find the latest batch of Emails missing in the In-box.

  • XXCLONE's Alternative Wallpaper is designed as a constant reminder to the user that the current Windows session is hosted by the Target Volume created by XXCLONE and the user should refrain operations that might create inconvenience later. 
  • Example:

    Source Desktop
    User's normal (source) Desktop

    Alternate Desktop
    Alternate (target) Desktop

  • When the cloned environment becomes a permanent user environment, the user should change the wallpaper setting at:

        Control Panel > Display > Desktop > Background