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HyperSync in Incremental Backup

You may enable the HyperSync in Incremental Backup setting at the checkbox in the Advanced Settings tab in the main window.


Alternatively, you may enable the option with the following command line argument:


  • One of XXCLONE-Pro's popular usages is the periodic backup operation.  In the Incremental Volume Backup and the Windows Key Directory Backup modes, XXCLONE speeds up the clone operation by skipping files that are determined to be the same since the previous backup operation.

    When the HyperSync Algorithm is enabled, XXCLONE goes one step further and tries to identify directories whose contents have not been changed since the previous backup operation.  When a directory is determined to be unchanged, the examination of the whole contents (member files) in the directory will be skipped to save time.  Directories that contain a subdirectory will not be skipped.

    The effectiveness of this scheme is most profound when the amount of disk activities (i.g., the computer usage) since the previous clone operation has been relatively small.

  • One notable use of this feature is to run a volume backup operation in the incremental mode (/backup2) twice.  In the first backup operation, you may use the computer in the normal fashion while XXCLONE operates in the background.  (Say, you browse the Internet, send Emails, edit a document, etc.)  By not terminating all active programs while XXCLONE is running in the background, some files that are being accessed during this period may not be properly backed up.  After the first round of XXCLONE operation completes, then, terminate all running programs and run XXCLONE once again for a more complete volume backup.  The second run of the volume cloning operation will save the files that failed to be backed up in the first run.  In such a case, the HyperSync algorithm makes an appreciable difference in the time to complete the job.