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Log File

You may enable the Log File setting at the checkbox in the Advanced Settings tab in the main window.


Alternatively, you may enable the option with the following command line argument:

        /log[:n]     where n a digit (0 - 8)

  • You may create a log file by enabling this feature.  It creates a text file in the root directory of the Target Volume with file activity records.
  • File activities are classified into four categories (Error, Skip, Delete, and Copy) and the amount of information saved in the log file is controlled by a single digit parameter (0-8) that encodes the selection as follows:

     Log parameter   Error   Skip   Delete   Copy
      0               no      no      no      no
      1               yes     no      no      yes
      2               yes     no      yes     no
      3               yes     no      yes     yes
      4               yes     yes     no      no
      5               yes     yes     no      yes
      6               yes     yes     yes     no
      7               yes     yes     yes     yes
      8 (default)     yes     no      no      no
  • The Log File will also contain the command line, the invocation time, start and finish times and other vital statistics.