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Speed Control

You may enable the Speed Control (CPU Throttle) setting at the slide control in the Advanced Settings tab, or any time during a volume cloning operation in the main window.


Alternatively, you may enable the option with the following command line argument:

        /ni[:n]     where n is a number (0 - 10)

  • When XXCLONE is run in the background, it is often desirable to run the XXCLONE task at less than the full speed for improved performance for the foreground and other tasks.
  • You may set the slide control or enter a numeric value to control the processor usage.  A value of 0 (fastest) through 10 (slowest) may be entered in the box next to /ni.
  • When the speed control parameter is 1 or larger, then, XXCLONE will insert an idle period of varying length during its clone operation between file and directory accesses to control the task's demand to the processor.
  • Unlike other options in Advanced Settings tab, the speed control setting can be changed at any time during a clone operation.