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Cool Tools


In addition to the main feature, the volume clone and backup operations, XXCLONE provides other disk management functions that supplement the clone operations. They are grouped as Cool Tools in the third tab in the XXCLONE main window.

Since most of the tools implicitly reference the Source Volume and the Target Volume settings in the main window that cannot be changed once you enter the dialog box for a Cool Tool, you must set the volume selection first.

      1. Make Bootable

          Makes the Target Volume Self-Bootable.

      2. Duplicate Volume ID

          Copies the Volume ID from the Source Volume to the Target Volume.

      3. Add Test Boot

          Adds an entry in the boot menu saved in the BOOT.INI file of the Source Volume to select the Target Volume for testing purposes.

      4. Make QBD

          Creates a Quick Boot Diskette (QBD) which is handy to boot a volume that may not be self-bootable.  We suggest that everyone creates a Quick Boot Diskette.

      5. Make Batch File

          Saves the current settings for clone operation into a batch file.

      6. Restore Points

          Enters the Restore Points dialog where you can change the Restore Points retaining schedule or perform a system restore operation from a restore point.