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Duplicating the Volume ID

This function is available in the Duplicating the Volume ID dialog box which is invoked by clicking the Duplicate Vol. ID button in the Cool Tools tab of the main window.


    Duplicating the Volume ID dialog box


  • Some installed applications use the Volume ID (a 32-bit value) as a key to verify the proper installation of the software, supposedly for piracy prevention. 

    For example, some Anti-Virus products are known to be sensitive to the Volume ID value of the system volume and display a warning message suggesting a re-installation. 

    In such a case, copying the Volume ID from the Source volume to the Target often alleviate the problem. 

    This feature allows you to duplicate the Volume ID for such a purpose.

  • Actually, our stance on such problems is that all problematic applications be re-installed on the cloned environment (e.g., using the original install CD). 

    The user-generated data that are associated with the application should be preserved through the re-installation. 

    However, each application behaves diffferently.  Therefore, you should not discard any data on the Source volume until the behaviors of all applications have been fully tested in the the Target Volume environment.

    Fortunately, applications that cause such a problem seem to be in a small minority.