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Making a Batch File

This function is available in the Making a Batch File dialog box which is invoked by clicking the Make Batch File button in the Cool Tools tab of the main window.


    Making a Batch File dialog box


The current settings for the volume clone operation will be saved in the
%SystemRoot%\system32\Run_XXClone.BAT (typically at C:\Windows\system32\Run_XXClone.BAT) which will be good for a mouse-click invocation at a later time (or for a scheduled execution).

  • The contents of the batch file created by this feature will be a one-line text that will invoke the XXCLONE program with command arguments that reflect the current user settings.
  • With XXCLONE-Pro, the /start switch will aslo be included so that the batch file will be suitable for an unattended execution.
  • For those who forget the exact syntax of XXCLONE command line argument, or those who are too lazy to read the documentation, this feature should save time.
  • You may create a shortcut of the batch file in the Desktop. It can be used for a manual invocation of the batch file by a mouse click, or, for periodic unattended invocations by dropping it into the Scheduled Tasks Windows (inside Control Panel).

    If your system consists of multiple volumes, you may insert additional lines of XXCLONE (or other) statement in the batch file to further customize the script using a text editor such as NotePad.