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XXCLONE Release History

2003-07-27 v.0.10.1  First cut  (only the system registry transfer)    
2003-07-29 v.0.10.2  Rudimentary backup function (no /NX function)     
2003-07-30 v.0.10.3  /ZY and /PB now working (no /NX function yet)     
2003-07-31 v.0.10.4  Unicode names supported                           
2003-08-14 v.0.10.9  NT4 now supported                                 
2003-08-15 v.0.11.0  NT4-specific tests                                
2003-08-15 v.0.11.1  new /DIAG switch collects info into c:\xxclone.dat
2003-08-22 v.0.11.3  now allows an extended partition for destination  
2003-08-25 v.0.11.4  /SAFE added. Extra entries in [VolumeList] removed
2003-08-31 v.0.11.5  /NEW added.  The initial Blue screen is now gone. 
2003-09-03 v.0.11.6  SFN-preservation (even for Unicode-named files)   
2003-09-03 v.0.20.0  Beta Test first release                            
2003-09-09 v.0.20.1  One-step cloning (not supported in NT4, yet)     
2003-09-12 v.0.20.2  One-step cloning also in NT4/2K/XP               
2003-09-16 v.0.20.3  graceful abort. less strict volume detection.     
2003-10-15 v.0.20.4  auto execution with /START
2003-10-19 v.0.20.5  now, the /START (auto execute) option  should work
2003-11-18 v.0.20.6  /NI:<n> added to reduce the CPU usage in BGND run.
2003-12-15 v.0.20.7  /BC<n> for boot-control, minor bug fixes          
2004-01-11 v.0.20.8  /WP<file> for patching wallpaper file contents.   
2004-02-10 v.0.20.9  new release with essentially the same feature     
2004-03-11 v.0.21.0  Checks large (> 137 GB) disk and ATAPI.SYS version
2004-04-11 v.0.21.1  Supports DynamicDisk, boot-control section revised
2004-05-12 v.0.21.2  The same as v.0.21.1 except the expiration date   
2004-06-12 v.0.21.3  /HIDE added.  Also, improvements in cosmetics     
2004-07-12 v.0.21.4  The same as v.0.21.3 except the expiration date   
2004-07-20 v.0.21.5  bugfix directory's SFN was not preserved          
2004-09-20 v.0.21.7  supports FAT16 volumes                            
2004-10-12 v.0.21.8  Improved in Boot Sector initialization
2005-01-20 v.0.31.0  Advanced setup section added for more controls   
2005-04-26 v.0.40.0  Installer, Help file, Advanced settings added.    
2005-04-28 v.0.40.1  /UNINST now works. Bugfix, non-existent directory 
2005-05-56 v.0.41.0  The case with D:\Program Files\XXCLONE\ should work. 
2005-06-09 v.0.42.0  A new installer (Test Drive version and Freeware) 
2005-06-21 v.0.43.0  New look at the XXCLONE web page
2005-06-27 v.0.44.0  The Help file (xxclone.chm) updated
2005-07-01 v.0.45.0  The partition numbering scheme improved.
2005-07-04 v.0.46.0  The Add Test Boot function now works.
2005-07-22 v.0.47.0  Win9x/ME now supported (still a beta test).
2005-12-04 v.0.48.0  Bugfix on the first reboot with the cloned volume.
2005-12-08 v.0.49.0  The new, simplified wallpaper feature implemented.
2005-12-14 v.0.50.0  The Make Batch File function now creates a shortcut. 
2005-12-19 v.0.51.0  Job estimator works, bugfix on reboot control.
2006-01-02 v.0.51.1  Directories' Last-Access timestamps are preserved.
2006-01-26 v.0.51.2  The QBD and ADD_TestBoot features improved.
2006-02-09 v.0.52.0  Speed low end idle period made larger (slower).
2006-03-03 v.0.53.0  /HYPER enables HyperSync (a new beta test feature).
2006-03-09 v.0.53.1  volume-detection reworked.
2006-06-15 v.0.54.0  bugfix on reboot environment (drive-letter adjustment).
2006-07-01 v.0.55.0  hypersync refined, restore point support added
2006-07-16 v.0.56.0  beta release of the new version (doc to be revised).
2006-10-21 v.0.57.0  dynamic disk conditional support.
2007-02-07 v.0.58.0  NTFS compressed files/dirs supported.
2007-03-12 v.0.59.0  Supports up to 32 disks, Warns MKBootable on ext disk.
2007-04-12 v.0.60.0  Supports Windows Server 2003 SP2.
2008-04-06 v.0.60.1  Supports Windows XP SP3
2010-12-22 v.0.80.1  Betatest Version for Vista, Win7, 2008, 32-bit and 64-bit
2010-12-26 v.0.80.2  One download package for both 32-bit and 64-bit environments

2011-02-08 v.1.90.1  Betatest Release for the upcoming XXCLONE 2.0 version.
2011-03-03 v.1.91.0  Betatest Release for the upcoming XXCLONE 2.0 version. (RC-2)
2011-03-05 v.1.91.1  more complete Uninstall with self-delete batch.
2011-03-13 v.1.92.0  Bugfix installer in Windows x64.
2011-03-17 v.1.92.1  Bugfix on \boot\bcd creation (with a batch file method)
2011-03-28 v.1.92.2  Use of an Externa License file (XXCLONE.LIC) in the package
2011-04-01 v.1.92.3  Installaller for XXCLONE64 improved
2011-04-19 v.1.92.4  Supports Win 2K/XP (earliest version) with VS2010 code
2011-05-09 v.1.93.0  Betatest Version of XXCLONE 2.00  Release Candidate 2 (RC-3)
2011-05-16 v.1.93.1  simplified scheme on Host Management (in About dialog)
2011-05-12 v.1.93.2  test drive package fixed with correct timestamp
2011-05-22 v.1.93.3  remote volume access support for XXCLONE Pro
2011-06-27 v.1.93.4  The installer improved for some cases
2011-06-29 v.1.93.5  Further improvement on the installer
2011-07-15 v.1.93.6  Error when the installer is run directly from the ZIP file.
2011-08-08 v.1.93.7  Bugfix on Freeware installer (no need for xxclone.lix)
2011-08-12 v.1.93.8  Suppress the warning of failed install (even when succeeds)
2011-08-24 v.1.93.9  Bugfix on the Add Test Boot function.
2011-08-26 v.1.94.0  Further improvements on Boot\BCD (mk bootable/add test Bt).
2011-08-31 v.1.94.1  Bugfix on Boot\BCD creation in wrong drv (bootable/addtest).
2011-09-09 v.1.94.2  The inclusion of the Folder Clone feature is postponed.
2011-09-10 v.1.94.3  The new feature: SaveSettings added.
2011-09-13 v.1.94.4  GPT disks now supported (as data disk).
2011-09-21 v.1.94.5  New vol scan scheme, GPT and Dynamic volumes supported.
2011-10-11 v.1.94.6  A Volume Label can have non-ascii (Unicode) characters.
2011-10-12 v.1.94.7  Pro version with compression setting saved.
2011-11-05 v.1.94.9  Works on Vista and Server 2008 now.
2011-11-06 v.1.95.0  The update install retains the old registry settings.
2011-11-14 v.1.95.1  xxmkbcd.bat now has a 1 sec delay before bcdedit.
2011-11-18 v.1.95.2  Added a special demo feature.
2011-11-24 v.1.95.3  Source/Target Volume listbox with new layout.
2011-12-02 v.1.95.4  HyperSync v2.2 for improved estimate of directory spaces.
2011-12-09 v.1.95.5  When HyperSync is off, files that would be missed are logged.
2011-12-11 v.1.95.6  \Program Files\XXCLONE\xcln_alt.exe saved.
2011-12-15 v.1.95.7  Test Drive for XXCLONE-Pro and XXCLONE-Home.
2011-12-24 v.1.95.8  Test Drive expiration date implemented.
2011-12-28 v.1.95.9  Windows Home Server and Home Server 2011 supported.
2011-12-28 v.1.96.0  Release Candidate (RC1) of XXCLONE 2.0.
2012-01-01 v.2.00.0  Thank you for your patience.  Here is XXCLONE 2.0.
2012-01-10 v.2.00.1  Bugfix on registry entry (/debug0).
2012-01-17 v.2.00.2  The progress estimate made more believable.
2012-01-20 v.2.00.3  Some machines showed prompts on scan for disks, no more.
2012-01-24 v.2.00.4  /diag output now with the registry info.
2012-03-06 v.2.00.5  Tested with Windows 8 Developer/Consumer Preview (8250).
2012-05-15 v.2.00.6  /diag output includes listing of HKLM/SYSTEM/MountedDevices
2012-10-11 v.2.00.7  compatibility fix on Win8.
2012-11-13 v.2.00.8  Make_Bootalbe (BCD building) and Add_TestBoot (BCD mod) improved
2012-11-14 v.2.00.9  Add_TestBoot (BCD mod) is now good with non-English versions
2012-11-29 v.2.01.0  minor bugfix on Add-TestBoot.
2012-11-30 v.2.01.1  Ready for public release.
2012-12-28 v.2.01.2  bugfix on XXClone-Home with the system volume selection.
2013-01-16 v.2.01.3  Supports Windows Small Business Server 2008.
2013-03-08 v.2.02.0  With a cleaned up source files
2013-05-01 v.2.02.1  Security Descriptor copied correctly (XXCLONE-Pro only)
2013-05-15 v.2.02.2  Cool_Tools > Scheduled Task updated, improved /diag
2013-05-19 v.2.02.3  New look and slimmed down xxclone-installer
2013-05-25 v.2.02.4  New xxclone-installer with simplified product activation.
2013-05-26 v.2.02.5  with a new manifest file with win7/win8 support section
2013-05-29 v.2.02.6  xxclone-installer  the "[v]Launch XXCLONE" feature now works.
2013-06-04 v.2.02.7  improved diag report (with diskpart analysis).
2013-06-21 v.2.02.8  flash drive now supported, and improved BCD for win8.
2013-07-06 v.2.02.9  improved pre-activated installation.
2013-07-31 v.2.03.0  improved self-bootability of cloned volume.
2013-08-02 v.2.03.1  improved drive-letter swapping for win8.
2013-08-30 v.2.03.2  /diag{:filepath} creates a diagnostic file (plain text).
2013-09-01 v.2.03.3  the wording in the Job-done message is clarified.
2013-09-18 v.2.04.0  bugfix on Windows XP with privilege-related issue.
2013-10-09 v.2.04.5  The installer accepts the /diag{:filepath} option.
2014-04-01 v.2.05.0  Progress Bar added for the Add-TestBoot operation.
2014-04-05 v.2.05.1  Stay-alive function (/sa0/sa1/sa2) to control scr-saver & sleep.
2014-04-09 v.2.05.2  Tested with Windows 8.1 and Server 2012R2 (Win ver 6.3.9600).
2014-04-12 v.2.05.3a bugfix on accessing flash volume MBR and BootSector
2014-04-18 v.2.05.3b for internal debugging.
2014-05-20 v.2.05.4  the USB-flash functions almost working.
2014-06-24 v.2.05.5  new set of Boot-related function.
2014-07-05 v.2.06.0  bugfix on /backup0 with bcd file missing
2014-07-10 v.2.06.1  bugfix on computers without an XP volume
2014-07-11 v.2.06.2  bugfix on folder selection on XXCLONE-Pro
2014-07-19 v.2.06.3  new Cool_Tools > Run_Diagnostic function added.
2014-07-26 v.2.06.4  now supports theWindows 7 Embedded version.
2014-10-03 v.2.06.5  New version ready for release.
2014-11-27 v.2.06.6  The creation of diagnostic file improved.
2014-12-17 v.2.06.7  bugfix on "No Disk" condition in scanning disks.improved.
2015-02-01 v.2.07.0a extra trace points added for bugfix
2015-02-07 v.2.07.0b Supports Windows 10 Technical Preview v9841 (of 2014-10-10)
2015-02-09 v.2.07.0c Supports Windows 10 Technical Preview v9926 (of 2015-01-23)
2015-02-23 v.2.07.0d Command switch, /reserve keeps \$reserve\ in the target volume.
2015-02-24 v.2.07.1  Clean build with a correct manifest file.
2015-02-28 v.2.07.2  bugfix (trial) on search_bcd() crash.
2015-03-31 v.2.07.3  Log file includes legend for action keys.
2015-08-19 v.2.07.4  bugfix AddTestBoot text len
2015-12-04 v.2.08.0  Supports Windows 10 v1511 (Build 10586).
2016-03-25 v.2.08.1  Digital signature now good through 2021-03
2016-04-27 v.2.08.2  bugfix on removing files/dirs with a very long path
2016-06-27 v.2.08.3  With the renewed digital signature
2016-08-28 v.2.08.4  The new version number identified in the error message.
2016-09-23 v.2.08.5  Supports Windows 10 v1607 (Build 14393).
2016-10-28 v.2.08.6  Supports Windows 10 v1607 (Build 14951).
2017-01-14 v.2.08.7  Supports Windows 10 v1704 (Build 15007).
2017-01-20 v.2.08.8  Supports Windows 10 v1704 (Build 15014).