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Advanced Settings


Additional control settings in volume clone operations are available in the Advanced Settings tab in XXCLONE's main window.  These settings allow you to fine-tune a volume clone operation in a way different from the default setting.

      1. Alternative Wallpaper

          Displays XXCLONE's Alternative Wallpaper when the system is booted using the Target volume.

      2. HyperSync in Incremental Backup

          Speeds up an incremental backup by skipping dome directories that have not changed since the previous backup.

      3. Automatic System Shutdown

          Initiates a system shutdown after a clone operation.

      4. Log File

          Creates a log file in the Target volume with file activity records.

      5. Debug File

          Creates a debug file in the Source volume with disk I/O activities for reporting problems.

      6. Speed Control

          Slows down the XXCLONE activities to improve the responsiveness of other applications.